Please note that before manuscript submission, the submitting and corresponding author/s will be required to register with Applied Biosciences in order to be able to follow the review process.


Before submitting review your submission:

□ All authors and their respective affiliations must be included during the submission process and be listed on the manuscript

□ Manuscript with page and line numbers must be included. For LaTeX only: The BIB file if the references were not included in the TEX.

□ All figures in TIFF or JPEG formats, RGB color mode, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi

□ Tables should be inserted into the manuscript in source form (doc, tex, xls, xlsx) and not as figures.

□ All citations are listed in chorological order by authors' surnames and cited in the text by the author-year method

□ Within the Manuscript statement of author contributions, funding and conflict of interest are included